Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why aren't my Floors Clean?

Why aren’t my floors clean?
Why don’t I write?
Why don’t I get that picture framed?
Why don’t I get my social security card fixed?
Why don’t I dust?
Why don’t I water my plants?
Why don’t I get more done for the boutique?

I always wondered how it could be that a stay-at-home mom can talk about her inability to get things done. Doesn’t she have so much more time than all of us 40-hours-outside-the-homers?

7 am – Nurse West
7:20 am – Laundry in wash
7:40 am – Feed West & wipe West up
7:55 am – Change & dress West
8:05 am – Make Sam & I breakfast. Make Sam lunch
8:15 am – Eat breakfast with Sam
8:30 am – Read West a story and put him down for 1st nap
8:45 am – Breakfast
9 am – Move clothes to dryer
9:05 am – Tidy house (toys, clothes, throw blankets, table tops, counter tops, make bed, pack stuff in car for Costco shopping, dishes)
9:30 am – Shower & dress
10:00 am – Fold clothes
10:15 am – Put woken West in a safe place
10:20 am – Lock up house, put West in car
10:40 am – Shopping at Costco
11:20 am – Feed & Nurse West
11:40 am – Bathe West
12:00 pm – Read to West & put him down for second nap
12:20 pm – Clean up after bath
12:30 pm – Put away Costco groceries
12:45 pm – Lunch & answer work & personal email
1:15 pm - Make Chix for the month & freeze & clean up
1:45 pm – Mommy naps
2:30 pm – Put woken West in a safe place while I put needed items in car
2:45 pm – Drive to Church
3 pm – Clean nursery toys
5 pm – Unpack West from car; Go to park across the street
5:45 pm – Make dinner
6:15 pm – Feed, nurse, change, dress West for bed
6:45 – Dinner
7:15 – Read to West & put him to bed
7:30 – Dishes
7:45 – Tidy (tables, countertops, empty Sam’s lunch box, toys from West’s play times)
8:15 pm – Edit for a friend
9:30 pm – Wake, feed & change West
10:15 pm – Start bread maker
10:30 pm – Bed


On Tues, I can substitute Costco & the church for the bank, taking back items at Target, post office and a visit to Belly Sprout to buy cloth diapers.

Weds, I can substitute these for volunteering at WPCC & cleaning the shower and ironing Sam’s dress shirts. How exactly did I manage to write this? Oh, West is up from his nap!


Taylor said...

Dear Paula:

I loved this..
it was so you and so mom.. may i use it in MOPS? or do you prefer me not to? thanks and love you. YOu are DOING the most important job in the world.

Sam said...

You iron my shirts?! Cool!

Lois said...

Paula, what a good picture! I pray you continue to find joy in caring for Wes. It's a huge job and I admire you!

Paula said...

Yes, Mina, you can use it if you want to. :)