Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Commiserate, anyone?

I got a sales call today.

After "I'm calling from the Home Design Center . . ." I cut in truthfully, "Sir, I'm working right now".

His response? "Painting your fingernails? That's work to you, huh?"

After a "Do I hang up or try to remain nice?" pause, I began to remark, "Sir, I'm about to hang-up," but he beat me to it!

I was hung up on because he was rude. Insane!

If you're in that small group who actually reads my blog, what is the craziest thing they've ever said to you?


layafire said...

Ummm... shocking, but hilarious! I don't think anyone has ever said anything like that to me. Plus, we only have cell phones so we do not have sales calls ever. lol!

Earle-girl said...

I have to admit I sort of enjoy the outrage of someone who is so outrightly rude. I'll have to tell you my front-door story sometime.