Sunday, April 26, 2009

WSL classes

I have always been jealous of people who acquire second languages easily. But I now know what I can do if I want to get serious about learning one. I need to be taught it by a 2-year-old. Positively merciless in their instruction, they throw hysterics until you alight on the correct word. And just the way a peacock can be a circumference of wild feathers, once the word is found, they can fold themselves up into a normalish looking bird in just 2 blinks.

Here are a few terms I am learning in my WSL (Weston as a Second Language) class:

dumma = yes
ouk = milk
pease = please
a-do = thank you
omus = Thomas (as in, the Tank Engine)
bup = cup
mamnam = woman (This is embarrassing in the market when he is not technically correct)
auss = horse
aus (as in, a very proper pronunciation of another word) = nose
teton = Weston
ucky = ucky
awwaw = water
big-o = big old (In a brief lapse back to junior high, I said, "That's a big old truck!" and West latched on. He loves his newfound compound adjective, perfect as a descriptor for every noun. As a redeemed English teacher, I am wonder-struck that he uses the adjective correctly every time. My 2 year old may not know the term, but he knows how to use an adjective!)

One, two or three of these words may be in a given . . . sentence (I use the term loosely). West is getting accustomed to my pauses ("This is her processing time; think of her like a Commodore 64".) That does not mean he is patient while I process, but that he is getting used to me staring at him as if my brain might rupture at any moment. Finally I attempt to decode: "Mommy is a big old woman? And mommy is drinking her water from a cup?"

I am relieved when his plumes fold neatly behind him, "Dumma."

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